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Welcome to the Toxic Fighting System

After many years of teaching under the name of KRAV MAGA I have decided to change the name of my style to TOXIC Fighting System.

This is mainly due to the fact that what I teach is vastly different to the Krav Maga that I was shown 13 years ago. I have kept many of the theories and concepts of KRAV MAGA and blended in some from other Martial Arts and added some concepts of my own, making this a unique Self Defence system.

So if you think that KRAV MAGA is the best self defence system for you and that is what you want to learn then you may find that this the style for you.

This is a fun and friendly club and you really will learn to kick a**e like Father Ted.

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All of the Exeter based classes are designed to be simple, fun and friendly. I understand if you have never attended a Self Defence class before that it can be quite daunting, and the hardest part is to walk through the door.

But the moment you do you will instantly be included into ‘The Family’.

Just Remember: Everyone who has come to class has had to also walk through that door as well.

Just look at all those smiling faces in the picture below:

Class Trivia:

Furthest Travelled:

Calvin Metcalf and his girlfriend Tonisha (see Articles) travelled from Trowbridge, Wiltshire. They drove 100 miles each way (4 hours travelling) to attend a 2 hour class in North Tawton, Devon for 3 months until they moved to their new home in Exmouth. And even then they still came to the North Tawton class even though there was a class nearer in Exeter. They did this for 3 years.

Lewis Harris has been coming for nearly 6 years and he travels from Charmouth, Dorset, every week. And when I taught twice a week, he travelled this journey twice week as well.

Oldest Student:

Doug Jones. Doug left the class a couple of years ago to move to God’s Waiting Room, Bexhill on Sea, Sussex. Doug was 66 when he began classes and he came along for 4 years, twice a week until he moved away. Occasionally, when he comes back to Devon he drops into class.

Longest Attendance:

Jon Massey. Jon has been attending since 2005 (8th year) and still attends now.


Mark Parnell:

If you're looking for a great self defence teacher who teaches you what you really want and need to know go check out his page, he's called Carl Cooper and his teaching is brilliant, now he's got his own style on the go, which I thought he should do considering how he was teaching us such great usable techniques. he's based in Exeter.

(Written on Facebook 2 years after he left the club to look after his baby girl.)

Traditional and Modern Martial Arts Association:

Carl Cooper and the other Instructors at the TAMMAA event in November 2012, any one looking for Martial Arts instruction in the Exeter area look no further, Carl is a top guy and instructor and is recommended by the Traditional and Modern Martial Arts Association.

International Instructor:

Training Studio:

HQ - Toxic Fighting System
17 St David's Hill,

Exeter Community Centre

17 St David's Hill, EX4 3RG

Latest News

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